Next generation of photovoltaics : new concepts

Clasificación: TK 2960 N567 2012 | Agregado: 07/10/2020

editado por Ana Belén Cristóbal López, Antonio Martí Vega, Antonio Luque López. -- Berlin : Springer, 2012.
xv, 354 p.; 24 cm. -- (Springer series in optical sciences ; 165)
ISBN 978-3-642-23368-5.
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Contenido: Present status in the development of III-V multi-junction solar cells -- The interest and potential of ultra-high concentration -- The sun tracker in concentrator photovoltaics -- Light management in thin-film solar cell -- Surface plasmon polaritons in metallic nanostructures: fundamentals and their application to thin-film solar cells -- Non-coherent up-conversion in multi-component organic systems -- Next generation photovoltaics based on multiple exciton generation in quantum dot solar cells -- Fundamentals of intermediate band solar cells -- Modelling of quantum dots for intermediate band solar cells -- The quantum dot intermediate band solar cell -- Thin-film technology in intermediate band solar cells: advanced concepts for chalcopyrite solar cells -- InGaN technology for IBSC applications -- Ion implant technology for intermediate band solar cells.