Research methods in physical education and youth sport

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editado por Kathleen Armour, Doune Macdonald. -- Abingdon ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
ix, 366 p.; 23 cm.
ISBN 978-0-415-61885-4.
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Contenido: Planning the research process -- What is your research question-and why? -- Research principles and practices: paving the research journey -- Positioning yourself as reseacher: four dimensions for self-reflection -- What counts as good research? -- Methodology: the thinking behind the methods -- Thinking about research frameworks -- Conducting ethical research -- Qualitative approaches -- Quantitative approaches -- Is mixed methods the natural approach to research -- Listening to young people s voices in physical education and youth sport research -- Selecting the most appropriate method(s) -- Reviewing literature -- Experimental research methods in physical education and sports -- Measurement of physical activity -- Surveys -- Observational studies -- Case study research -- Interviews and focus groups -- Narrative research methods: where the art of storytelling meets the science of research -- Action research in physical education: cycles, not cycles! -- Visual methods in coaching research: capturing everyday lives -- Grounded theory -- Discourse analysis and the beginner researcher -- Data analysis-consider it early! -- Analysis qualitative data -- Analysing quantitative data -- Communicating your research -- Effective research writing -- The dissertation.