Thin-film solar cells : next generation photovoltaics and its applications

Clasificación: TK 2960 T443 2004 | Agregado: 07/10/2020

editado por Yoshihiro Hamakawa. -- Berlin : Springer, 2004.
xv, 244 p.; 24 cm. -- (Springer series in photonics ; v.13)
ISBN 3-540-43945-5.
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Contenido: Background and motivation for thin-film solar-cell development -- Recent advances and future opportunities for thin-film solar cells -- Electrical and optical properties of amorphous silicon and its alloys -- Preparation and properties of nanocrystalline silicon -- Key issues for the efficiency improvement of silicon-based stacked solar cells -- Development of amorphous-silicon single-junction solar cells and their application systems -- The production of a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H/a-SiGe:H stacked solar-cell modules and their applications -- Low-temperature fabrication of nanocrystalline-silicon solar cells -- Mass production of large-area integrated thin-film silicon solar-cell module -- Properties of chalcopyrite-based materials and film deposition for thin-film solar cells -- Development of Cu(InGa)Se2 thin-film solar cells -- Expanding thin-film solar PV system applications -- Future prospects for photovoltaic technologies in Japan.