Handbook of human factors and ergonomics

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editado por Gavriel Salvendy. -- 4a. ed. -- Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
xvi, 1732 p.; 24 cm.
ISBN 978-0-470-52838-9.
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Contenido: Human factors function -- The discipline of human factors and ergonomics -- Human factors engineering and systems design -- Human factors fundamentals -- Sensation and perception -- Selection and control of action -- Information processing -- Cross-cultural design -- Decision-making models, decision support, and problem solving -- Mental workload and situation awareness -- Social and organizational foundations of ergonomics -- Human factors and ergonomic methods -- Anthropometry for product design -- Basic biomechanics and workstation design -- Design of tasks and jobs -- Task analysis: why, what, and how -- Task design and motivation -- Job and team design -- Personnel recruitment, selection, and turnover -- Design, delivery, evaluation, and transfer of training systems -- Human factors in organizational design and management -- Situation awareness -- Affective engineering and design -- Equipment, workplace, and environmental design -- Workplace design -- Vibration and motion -- Sound and noise: measurement and design guidance -- Illumination -- Design for health, safety, and comfort -- Occupational health and safety management -- Human error and human reliability analysis -- Managing low-back disorder risk in the workplace -- Work-related upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders -- Warnings and hazard communications -- Use of personal protective equipment in the workplace -- Human space flight -- Performance modeling -- Modeling human performance in complex systems -- Mathematical models in engineering psychology: optimizing performance -- Human supervisory control -- Human digital modeling in design -- Virtual environments --Neuroergonomics in human–system interaction -- Evaluation -- Accident and incident investigation -- Human factors and ergonomic audits -- Cost/benefit analysis for human systems investments -- Methods of evaluating outcomes -- Human–computer interaction -- Visual displays -- Information visualization -- Human factors in online communities and social computing -- Human factors and information security -- Usability testing -- User requirements collection and analysis -- Website design and evaluation -- Human factors in ambient intelligence environments -- Interactivity: evolution and emerging trends -- Design for individual differences -- Design for people with functional limitations -- Design for aging -- Designing for children -- Design for all: computer-assisted design of user interface adaptation -- Selected applications in human factors and ergonomics -- Human factors and ergonomics standards -- Office ergonomics -- Human factors and ergonomics in health care -- Human factors and ergonomics in motor vehicle transportation -- Human factors and ergonomics in automation design -- Human factors in manufacturing -- Human factors and ergonomics in aviation.