Ergonomics in design methods & techniques

Clasificación: TA 166 E67 2017 | Agregado: 07/10/2020

editado por Marcelo M. Soares, Francisco Rebelo. -- Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2017.
xx, 508 p.; 26 cm. -- (Human factors and ergonomics)
ISBN 978-1-4987-6070-6.
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Contenido: Preface -- Theoretical issues -- Multimodal information transfer by means of adaptive controlling torques during primary and secondary task -- Time structure analysis in ergonomic design with cognitive and manual components of work -- From vision science to design practice -- Bridging fashion design and color effects: the colorErg -- Communication efficiency and inclusiveness in the corporate visual identity -- Aspects of usability assessment in the multicultural approach -- Ergonomic and wayfinding design: principles, standards, and visual code -- Boundaries of human factors and sustainability in architecture -- Virtual reality devices applied to digital games: a literature review -- Human characteristics in design -- An ergonomics focus on built environments for the elderly -- Biomechanics and psychophysics of manual strength design on different interfaces -- Digital hand model for grip comfort evaluation -- Classroom ergonomics: a portuguese university study -- Methodological issues -- Designing user-oriented future ship bridges: an approach for radical concept design -- New color planning methodology for urban furniture as an ergonomic factor -- Design requirements for a spectacle-type device in rapid visual referencing -- Ergonomic design thinking: a project management model for workplace design -- Older workers and virtual environments: usability evaluation of a prototype for safety sign research -- Percept walk: promoting perception awareness on the elderly with low vision -- Design interfaces for seniors in the context of healthcare -- Design development -- Human body-sleep system interaction in young adult residence: a methodology and tool for measure and evaluation of interaction patterns using a software iSEE with observation of postural behaviors during sleep -- Applications of haptic devices and virtual reality in product design evaluation -- Hazard perception of 3D Household packages: a study using a virtual environment -- Contributions to the design of knowledge-based development tools for intelligent systems -- Certain ergonomic considerations and design solutions connected with the safety and comfort of city buses -- School supplies transportation system: an ergonomic approach between two distinct realities -- Improving bus travel through inclusive service design -- Enhancing sustainability embodying human factors in building design -- Dressing autonomy for frozen shoulder users: analysis of five different tops -- Neurodesign: applications of neuroscience in design and human-system interactions.