AutoCAD® 2015 for interior design and space planning

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Beverly L. Kirkpatrick, James M. Kirkpatrick, Hossein Assadipour. -- Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Education, 2015.
xix, 724 p.; 27 cm.
ISBN 978-0-13-314485-7.
Contenido: Preparing to draw with AutoCAD -- Introducing the AutoCAD user interface -- Two-dimensional AutoCAD -- Quick-start tutorials: basic setting and commands -- Drawing with AutoCAD: conference and lecture rooms -- Adding text and tables to the drawing -- Advanced plotting: using plot styles, paper space, multiple viewports, and PDF files -- Drawing the floor plan: walls, doors, and windows -- Dimensioning and area calculations -- Drawing elevations, sections, and details -- Drawing the furniture installation, plan, adding specifications, and extracting data -- DesignCenter, autodesk seek, dynamic block, and external references -- Drawing the reflected ceiling plan and voice/Data/Power plan -- Creating presentations with layouts and making a sheet set -- Isometric drawing and gradient hatch rendering -- Three-dimensional AutoCAD -- Solid modeling -- Advanced modeling -- Appendix A. Keyboard shortcuts -- Appendix B. Shortcut and temporary override keys -- Appendix C. Floor plans and interior elevations of a 15-unit condominium building.