Sustainable design for interior environments

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 Susan M. Winchip. -- 2a. ed. -- New York : Fairchild Books, 2011.
xvii, 327 p.; 27 cm. -- (Interior design. Sustainable design)
ISBN 978-1-60901-081-2.
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Contenido: Preface -- Exploring sustainable design and development. Global perspectives -- Introduction to sustainable design and development -- Green building and product assessment standards -- Environmental issues -- Sustainability and the integrated interior environment -- Sustainable strategies for integrated designs: building components -- Sustainable strategies for integrated design: finishes and furnishings -- Sustainable strategies for integrated designs: indoor environmental quality -- Sustainable strategies for integrated designs: daylighting and electrical lighting systems -- Regulations, programs, and organizations -- Sustainability and the integrated design process -- Sustainable strategies for integrated designs: commercial and residential interiors -- Sustainable strategies for the integrated design process -- Appendices -- A. Professional organizations, government agencies, and trade associations -- B. Federal and private agencies and programs related to sustainable development/design -- C. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) limits for finishes -- D. Standards for preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction -- E. Site and built environment assessment.