Educational resiliency : student, teacher, and school perspectives

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editado por Hersh C. Waxman, Yolanda N. Padrón, Jon P. Gray. -- Greenwich, Conn. : Information Age Publishing, 2004.
vi, 279 p.; 23 cm. -- (Research in educational diversity and excellence)
ISBN 1-931576-08-4.
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Contenido: Issues and reviews of research -- Introduction and overview -- Resilience: emerging social constructions in educational policy, research, and practice -- Promoting educational resilience for students at-risk of failure -- Resilience research and practice: National Resilience Resource Center bridging the gap -- Studies of students resiliency -- A longitudinal look at the literacy development of children prenatally exposed to crack/cocaine -- Achieving success: an agentic model of resiliency -- Mathematics learning environment differences between resilient, average, and nonresilient elementary students -- The student-teacher axis: idiosyncratic credit and cutting the slack -- The relations of teacher education students resiliency, work motivation, and school-level resilience -- Schools, programs, and communities that enhance resiliency -- Presenting a resilience paradigm for teachers -- Developing resilient learning communities to close the achievement gap -- Resilient communities: the interplay between community development and child development through effective school reform -- Promoting resiliency in youth, educators, and communities -- Future directions for educational resiliency research.