Integrated coastal management : from post-graduate to professional coastal manager : a teaching manual

Clasificación: HT 391 I61 2011 | Agregado: 07/10/2020

editado por Martin Le Tissier... [et al.] -- The Netherlands : Eburon Academic Publishers, 2011.
205 p.; 24 cm.
ISBN 978-90-5972-327-6.
Contenido: Introduction -- Social analysis of the coast - introducing human dimensions -- Introduction -- Complex processes in coastal areas: exploring the need for social scientific and transdisciplinary approaches to coastal management -- Structures, processes and social actors -- Social actors and stakeholders -- Institutions, law and governance -- Rights and competing claims to natural resources -- Culture, local knowledge, and the valuation of different knowledge systems -- Livelihood, vulnerability and resilience -- Coastal governance, policy and management between the local and global -- Observations of human and natural dimensions of the coast -- Introduction -- Learning through observation -- Observing to identify social and environmental components -- Interpretation of observations -- Understanding the coastal zone to develop integrated approaches -- Introduction -- Teaching considerations -- Stakeholder analysis -- Problem and objective tree analysis -- Monitoring and evaluating management -- Appendices -- Teacher s handbook -- Student handouts.