Sustainable development of sea-corridors and coastal waters : the TEN ECOPORT project in South East Europe

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 editado por Chrysostomos Stylios... [et al.] -- Cham : Springer, 2015.
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Contenido: Assessment -- Integrated assessment of the quality of harbour sediments: case study based on a comparative analysis of sediments quality of two industrial ports: Bourgas (BG) and Bari (IT) -- The Influence of oil, dispersed oil and the oil dispersant SD-25 on the heart rate of the Mediterranean Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis L.) -- Assessing the impact of Port Burgas on air quality during different seasons -- Application of zero liquid discharge water treatment units for wastewater reclamation: possible application in marine ports -- Physical–chemical parameters and assessment of pollution through bioindicators of Narta Lagoon -- Water quality assessment of the Bourgas Port waters -- Assessment of soft-bottom communities and ecological quality status surrounding Constanta and Mangalia ports (Black Sea) -- Application of hydrodynamic, pollution drift and wave models as tools for better environmental management of ports -- Design of waves energy distribution for the harbour and coast protection -- Monitoring -- Multi-compartment water quality assessment of Port Burgas and Burgas Bay -- Application of an environmental monitoring strategy in the Port of Bari -- The Black Sea security system – a new early warning and environmental monitoring system -- Environmental assessment in Durrës Port based on pollution indicators -- Coastal marine environment monitoring using satellite data derived from MODIS instrument -- Sustainable management system -- Guidelines for elaboration management action plan for ecologically sustainable development and management of SEE seaports of Trans-European Transport networks -- Eco-mapping as an integrated approach in environmental protection in ports and adjacent urbanized areas -- Process performance measures and monitoring/control for a sustainable management of South East Europe Ports’ areas -- Sustainable coastal management: case studies -- The evaluation of integrated planning and management initiatives of coastal areas for sustainable development: the case of Albania -- Port processes -- Evidence-based monitoring for sustainable development of port and Chain operations -- The progressive regulation of the passage of large cruise ships in Venice: the decision-making proceedings between law and stakeholder pressure -- The strategic role of port community systems for enhancing business operations and productivity: the case of the Port Authority of Igoumenitsa -- Greener port performance through ICT -- Historical ports -- Assessment and development of historical ports -- Transformations of the relationship of the City of Patras and its port from 1828 till today -- Ports Dubrovnik and bar–cooperation opportunities for development of sustainable cruise tourism.