The sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus : history, biology and aquaculture

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editado por Hongsheng Yang, Jean-François Hamel, Annie Mercier. -- London : Elsevier, 2015.
xxiii, 454 p.; 24 cm. -- (Developments in aquaculture and fisheries science ; v.39)
ISBN 978-0-12-79953-1.
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Contenido: Apostichopus japonicus in the life of chinese people -- From fisheries toward aquaculture -- Taxonomy and identification -- Anatomy -- Spatial distribution, population structures, management, and conservation -- Reproductive biology -- Broodstock conditioning and spawning -- Development, settlement, and post-settlement growth -- Environmental drivers of behavior -- Feeding, digestion, nutritional physiology, and bioenergetics -- Aestivation and regeneration -- Albinism -- Tissue biochemistry -- Larval, juvenile, and adult predators -- Immunology and diseases -- Aquaculture, stock enhancement, and restocking -- Apostichopus japonicus: a key species in integrated polyculture systems -- Habitat enhancement and rehabilitation -- Nutritional and medicinal value -- Processing and cuisine -- Apostichopus japonicus in the worldwide production and trade of sea cucumbers -- Apostichopus japonicus: fisheries, trade, and foodways in Japan -- Apostichopus japonicus: Dolgi Haesam in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) -- Apostichopus japonicus in the democratic people s Republic of Korea.