Orthopaedic knowledge update : trauma

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editado por Andre H. Schmidt, David C. Teague. -- 4a. ed. -- Rosemont, Il : American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2010.
xxi, 617 p.; 27 cm.
ISBN 978-0-89203-692-9.
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Contenido: General topics and new technology -- Outcomes of musculoskeletal trauma -- Delivery of orthopaedic trauma care -- Career and practice management issues in orthopaedic trauma -- Computer-assisted surgery -- Minimally invasive fracture care -- Soft-tissue injury -- The mangled lower extremity -- Amputation of the extremities -- New technologies -- Disaster and mass casualty preparedness -- The polytrauma patient and fracture healing -- Evaluation of the polytrauma patient -- Pathophysiology of the polytrauma patient -- Advances in the enhancement of bone healing and bone graft substitutes -- Nonunions and malunions -- Infections -- Damage control orthopaedics: practical issues -- Upper extremity -- Shoulder trauma -- Fractures of the humerus -- Fractures and dislocations of the elbow -- Fractures of the forearm and distal radius -- Injuries of the hand and carpus -- Axial skeleton, including spine and pelvis -- Pelvic fracture: evaluation and acute -- Pelvic fractures: definitive -- Acetabular fractures: acute evaluation -- Acetabular fractures: definitive -- Spinal cord injury: pathophysiology and current treatment strategies -- Upper cervical spine injury: occiput to C2 -- Lower cervical spine injuries -- Thoracolumbar trauma -- Low lumbar burst and lumbosacral fractures -- Lower extremity -- Hip dislocations and femoral head and neck fractures -- Fractures of the proximal femur -- Fractures of the femoral diaphysis -- Fractures of the distal femur -- Knee injuries -- Tibial plateau fractures -- Fractures of the tibial shaft -- Fractures of the ankle and distal tibial pilon -- Foot injuries -- Geriatric and pediatric trauma -- Perioperative and postoperative considerations in the geriatric patient -- Hip fractures in the geriatric population -- Osteoporosis and pathologic bone -- Periprosthetic fractures -- Problematic pediatric fractures.