Unruly practices : power, discourse and gender in contemporary social theory

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Nancy Fraser -- Cambridge : Polity Press, 2007, c1989 viii, 201 p. ; 22 cms. Reimpresión (;2007); Incluye índice: pp. 191-201. Acknowledgments -- Introduction. Apologia for academic radicals -- Powers, norms, and vocabularies of contestation -- Foucault on modern power: empirical insights and normative confusions -- Michel Foucault: a ";Young conservative";?; -- Foucaults body language: a posthumanist political rethoric?; -- On the political and the symbolic -- The french derrideans: politicizing deconstruction or deconstruction the political?; -- Solidarity on singularity?; Richard Rorty between romanticism and technocracy -- Gender and the politics of need interpretation -- Whats critical about critical theory?; The case of Habermas and gender -- Women, welfare, and the politics of need intepretation -- Struggle over needs: outline of a socialist-feminist critical theory of late capitalist political culture.