Essays on the economics of migratory fish stocks

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editado por Ragnar Arnason, Trond Bjørndal -- Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1991 197 p. ; 24 cm. (;Studies in contemporary economics); Doctorado en Ciencias en Bioeconomía Pesquera y Acuícola Incluye referencias bibliográficas. Preface -- Introduction -- Theoretical papers -- The management of transboundary fishery resources: a theoretical overview -- On the optimal harvesting of migratory species -- Maximizing yield in some fluctuating fisheries -- Optimal exploitation of migratory fish stocks: the multiple species case -- A stochastic fisheries problem with seasonal migrations -- Empirical papers -- The management of migratory fishery resources in the Pacific: tropical tuna and pacific salmon -- MIGFISH: a computer programme for studying the harvesting economics of migratory species -- The optimal management of a transboundary fish resource: the Arcto-Norwegian Cod stock -- Competition in salmon fisheries -- On optimal harvesting of fluctuating fish stocks: the case of the Arcto-Norwegian Cod.