Individual transferable quotas : in theory and practice

Clasificación: SH 328 I39 1999 | Agregado: 09/10/2018

editado por Ragnar Arnason, Hannes H. Gissurarson -- Reykjavik : The University of Iceland Press, Institute of Economic Studies, 1999 216 p. ; 23 cm. diagramas, formularios ; En portada Papers exploring and assessing the radical reorganization of ocean fisheries in the final decades of the 20th century. Doctorado en Ciencias en Bioeconomía Pesquera y Acuícola. Incluye referencias bibliográficas. Preface -- Introduction -- Perspectives -- Fishermens property rights -- Advances in ITQ fisheries management -- The fishery: agreeing on the rules -- Law, property rights, markets and the environment -- Practices -- The evolution of ITQs in New Zealand -- ITQs in Iceland: their nature and performance -- Property rights and advanced technologies -- Protecting english and welsh rivers: the role of the Anglers Conservation Association -- Issues -- ITQs in share systems fisheries?; Implications for efficiency, distribution and tax policy -- The Icelandic debate on fisheries management and resource rent distribution -- Rents and taxes in an ITQ fishery.