Marine ecological processes

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Ivan Valiela. -- 3a. ed. -- New York : Springer, 2015.
xvi, 698 p.; 24 cm. -- (Life sciences)
ISBN 978-0-387-79068-8.
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Contenido: Prymary producers in marine environments -- Prymary producers in the sea -- Production: the formation of organic matter -- Controls of prymary production -- Consumers in marine environments -- Population dynamics in consumers -- Competition for resources among consumers -- Use and transfer of organic matter in marine food webs -- Consumption of food particles: mechanics of grazing and predation -- Food selection and capture by consumers -- Processing and uses of consumed energy -- Structure and dynamics of marine communities -- Food web structure and its controls I -- Food web structure and its controls II -- Taxonomic structure: species composition -- Spatial structure: patchiness -- Temporal structure: perturbation, colonization, sucession -- Functioning of marine ecosystems -- The carbon cycle 1: production and transformations of organic matter under aerobic conditions -- The carbon cycle 2: reactions under reducing conditions -- Nutrient cycles in ecosystems -- Changing marine ecosystems and processes: trajectories and recovery -- Coda.