Economics of the oceans : rights, rents and resources

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 Paul Hallwood. -- Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2014.
xvi, 298 p.; 23 cm.
ISBN 978-0-415-63911-8.
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Contenido: Preface -- Introduction -- Ocean resources, ocean governance -- Historic wrecks, modern pirates -- Economic analysis of legal regimes governing salvage of historic shipwrecks -- The economics of maritime piracy -- Maritime piracy and international law -- Enclosure -- Enclosure of the oceans -- An economic analysis of drawing lines in the sea -- Division of economic rents in the Timor gap -- Fisheries economics -- Economics of the fishery -- Management of fish stocks -- Fisheries regime formation -- Impatience, ecology and fisheries regime formation -- International negotiations: successes and failures -- Preponderant actors and the bargaining game -- Managing high seas fisheries -- How and why to make a fishery treaty ineffective -- Marine mammals -- Whales - crashing numbers, clashing values -- Coral reefs, marine protected areas, wetlands -- Coral reef economics -- Marine protected areas, optimal policing and optimal rent dissipation -- Contractual difficulties in environmental management: the case of United States wetland mitigation banking -- Pollution -- Oceans and non-point source pollution -- Oil pollution from ships -- Minerals -- Taxing offshore oil and gas -- US royalty relief, rent sharing and offshore oil production -- Deep sea mining: retrospect and prospect -- Appendix: benefit-cost analysis.