The SAGE handbook of qualitative research

Clasificación: H 62 S129 2011 | Agregado: 09/10/2018

editado por Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln. -- 4a. ed. -- Los Angeles : SAGE, 2011.
xvi, 766 p.; 28 cm.
ISBN 978-1-4129-7417-2.
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Contenido: Preface -- Introduction: the discipline and practice of qualitative research -- Locating the field -- Revitalizing universities by reinventing the social sciences: building and action research -- A history of qualitative inquiry in social and educational research -- Ethics and politics in qualitative research -- Ethics, research regulations, and critical social science -- Paradigmatic controversies, contradictions, and emerging confluences, revisited -- Feminist qualitative research in the millenium s first decade: developments, challenges, prospects -- The sacred and spiritual nature of endarkened transnational feminist praxis in qualitative research -- Critical pedagogy, and qualitative research: moving to the bricolage -- Cultural studies: performative imperatives and bodily articulations -- Critical humanism and queer theory: living with the tensions postscript 2011 to living with the contradictions -- Asian epistemologies and contemporary social psychological research -- Disability communities: transformative research for social justice -- Strategies of inquiry -- The politics and practices of funding qualitative inquiry: messages about messages about messages... -- Controversies in mixed methods research -- Mixed methods research: contemporary issues in an emerging field -- Case study -- Performance ethnography -- Braiding narrative ethnography with memoir and creative nonfiction -- The constructionist analytics of interpretive practice -- Grounded theory methods in social justice research -- In the name of human rights: I say (how) you (should) speak (before I listen) -- Jazz and the banyan tree: roots and riffs on participatory action research -- What is qualitative health research? -- Methods of collecting and analyzing empirical materials -- Narrative inquiry: still a field in the making -- Critical arts-based inquiry: the pedagogy and performance of a radical ethical aesthetic -- Oral history -- Observations on observation: continuities and challenges -- Visual methodology: toward a more seeing research -- Performative autoethnography: critical embodiments and possibilities -- The methods, politics, and ethics of representation in online ethnography -- Analyzing talk and text -- Focus groups: contingent articulations of pedagogy, politics, and inquiry -- The art and practices of interpretation, evaluation, and representation -- Qualitative research, science, and government: evidence, criteria, policy, and politics -- Reflections on interpretive adequacy in qualitative research -- Analysis and representation across the continuum -- Post qualitative research: the critique and the coming after -- Qualitative research and technology: in the midst of a revolution -- The politics of evidence -- Writing into position: strategies for composition and evaluation -- Evaluations as a relationally responsible practice -- The future of qualitative research -- Qualitative futures: where we might go from where we ve been -- Teaching qualitative research -- Epilogue: Toward a "Refunctioned ethnography".